Do you work in my city?

  • We have extensive routes through Riverside, Corona, Perris, and Norco areas to provide expedient service.

Do you service above ground pools?

  • No. We do not service above ground pools and spas.

What chemicals are included in your service?

  • All chemicals are included. We will balance your ph and protect from algae on a weekly basis.

Do you sell parts?

  • Yes. Call (951)255-1541 or e-mail jeff@aqspool.com for pricing and ordering parts.

Do I need to service my pool during winter time?

  • In some ways, winter pool service is more important that during the summer. Dust and algae can be particularly problematic during the winter months. We offer a full annual service for that reason. Vacations are taken for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years.

Can you program my pool system for me?

  • Yes, all of our guys can do this and also minor electrical work.

Fix plumbing?

  • Yes, we can repair any part of your system, including the plumbing. No we do not do home plumbing, just pools 🙂

Do you service jacuzzis/spas?

  • Yes. But we do not service the above ground kind.

Who is responsible for adding water?

  • Pool water level must be maintained halfway up the tile line to insure the pump is not damaged from running dry. All pool companies are excluded from liability for filling pools with water. Please do not ask us to fill your pool. We sell auto-fills for $90 and up installed if you are gone often.

Leaves flying in the windy air?

  • During windy months the skimmer may become clogged with debris, so homeowners should clear basket out in between visits so the pool can circulate properly and the pool equipment is not damaged. We cannot make a second service mid-week because of the wind. We will do the best I can when the weather does not cooperate if you are having a special function or issue. During severe wind storms, it may take two weeks to return water chemistry to normal because of all the sentiments that enter the pool (leaves, dirt, etc.).

 Weather and Holiday Policy?

  • Bad rainy weather can be dangerous for drivers and pool service cleaners!  If it is raining when we come to service the pool that week, I will add chemicals if needed, but no cleaning service will be performed that week. A tiny sprinkle? No Problem, but rain and showers may make us take a rain check for the next week. Credits or refunds for rain will not be given.

 Holiday policy?

  • Holidays observed, Christmas , Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Independence day, and up to one week personal vacation. We already will on a 4 week cycle per month instead of 4 to 5 week cycle per month. No credits will be given for these missed days. Please let me know in advance if you would like me to make special arrangements to clean the pool the week of a holiday because of a special function. I will be happy to put it in my schedule if possible.

Are other packages and pricing available for weekly pool service?

  • We have full packages that include filter cleaning, salt, water conditioner, etc. Just call us to discuss your budget and pool needs.
  • We aim to offer affordable service to you while complying with all state and federal taxes, workers compensation, and fair wages.